Motothusiast Shawn Kitchen
Motothusiast Shawn Kitchen

From September 1 to October 20, I’m going to do a thing

Together we raised over $140,000 for research and programs to help those living with Multiple Sclerosis

Long Haul Paul

I’ll be taking part in the MS5000 charity fundraiser motorcycle ride.

It’s 50 days of riding and fundraising for MS Views and News, an organization dedicated to providing education and information to those affected by Multiple Sclerosis. Participants like myself will be tasked with helping to raise money for the charity and ride their motorcycles as much as they can.

My goal is to be the top finisher this year. Based on last year’s top finisher, I figure I’ll need to raise at least $2500 and ride 8000 miles in 7 weeks to have a chance. (And this is in addition to working my day job.)

Would you help me?

To make a donation, go to and click on “Donate”. On the next page, please remember to click the box that says “CLICK HERE to choose a rider” and click on my name. All proceeds go directly to MS Views and News.

Once the ride has officially started, I’ll be posting pictures of my travels and occasional video updates.Keep watching this space for updates, and feel free to share!